Move over Martyrdom: A Working Mom’s Tips to Sanity

Phil Profile_2012-crop2I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague Maggie Tomas. Maggie is an outstanding career center director and skilled advisor. I asked her to begin contributing to this site because I think she has a distinctive voice when it comes to working mothers and their careers. I hope you appreciate her voice. And her posts are almost as long as mine, so there’s that…

“They will be happy if mom is happy.”

Words that chamaggie & girlsnged my life. They came out of the blue, from an unexpected source, at a time when I was struggling with one of the more weighty decisions of my life.

Should I go back to work? The question ended up turning on my own understanding of fulfillment. But let’s back up and start at the beginning and see if there’s anything to take from my own experience… Continue reading