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Here’s my list of management, career and thought provoking books and articles that I think are worth reading and stand “the test of time”. My list of books won’t be terribly long because I find that most books are really bulked up articles. You can read the article and get the point. I’ll keep building this list selectively. Suggest any ideas you may have. (Links are to books I have commented on in the past).


  • Good to Great – Jim Collins
  • Profit from the Core – Chris Zook
  • The Goal – Elihu Goldratt
  • The Trusted Advisor – David Maister
  • What the CEO Wants You to Know – Ram Charan



Thought Provoking

For more, here’s an interesting Top 100  list by Jack Covert and Mark Sattersten.

6 thoughts on “Reading list

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  2. Great list Phil. I was about to ask you for some recommendations as well.

    I would add to this list “The Back of the Napkin” which you suggested to me and it was a great, fun book to read.

    In addition, recently I read “Why business people speak like idiots” It’s an excellent book for effective communication. I suggest this book to anyone.

    Thanks for finding time to write in your blog!


  3. Good to Great is ridiculously good, I’d like to reread it again. I don’t have a huge amount of books that I consider classic, but that’s on it. Here are two others I continually use day after day:

    Permission Marketing –Seth Godin

    Positioning–Ries and Trout

    And, can I borrow Made to Stick over the summer?

    • I (obviously) agree on GtG. It stands up over time and has several important ideas. Each chapter is essentially a different important idea. Most management books are really one idea elaborated. I have ordered several copies of Made to Stick. Feel free to borrow.

  4. I’m reading True North for my Strategic Leadership course. I also saw that you have it on your bookshelf, but perhaps it should make it onto your short list as well!

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