Back in the saddle…

back in saddleEveryone hits a lull or loses focus on things they care about. For me, the blog has gone on virtual hiatus since I took a new role as Assistant Dean of MBA Programs at the Carlson School. I’ve had a weekly goal to get something posted every week for two years. And got a grand total of 4 posts up last year. That’s the same number I posted my last year at 3M when I ran a global business, we had our 3rd child and both my parents died. So not an impressive showing. It’s a great example of competing priorities, loss of momentum and a variety of other themes.

In the last few months a few things have changed. My partner and I agreed to shut down our start up, my job while crazy has become more “predictable” in year 3 and as I’ve reflected in my planning for the year I really miss the time, thought and feedback I get when I’m writing. I’m also a big new year’s resolution guy. So this year, my plan is to post 2x per month with something original. We’ll see how it goes.

As always, if you have any post ideas please send them along or post a comment. Also, if you have ideas for “renovations” to the site, please also offer them. Looking forward to 2015!

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