North Loop Careers Launch

North Loop Careers - Final-01So as I’ve puttered for years on career topics and worked with students and employers through the prism of a business school, it became clear to me how poorly served many, many undergraduates are in today’s higher ed world. I am privileged to work at an institution that does a fantastic job. But the majority of kids do not have access to the quality or consistency of career advising that’s required in today’s rapidly evolving and globally competitive world.

Dear friend and partner Carleen Kertulla and I have launched a new firm, North Loop Careers, to provide just these type of services. We are engaged in a pilot and are still seeking interested undergraduates and recent graduates and are offering a steeply discounted engagement for willing “victims” 🙂 Let me know if you are aware of anyone who may be interested in participating.

More details about our mission and our business can be found at our website.

I’m trying to eat my own cooking on career exploration and “finding things out”.

Wish us luck!


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