“It’s Your Choice”

A thoughtful and moving TEDxUMN talk from former student Adam Moen. It’s a powerful message about creating your own internal definition of success as well as finding meaning.  We all get evaluated and that can be important. But Adam’s discovery was that those definitions of success rang hollow and he needed to develop his own sense of meaning.


2 thoughts on ““It’s Your Choice”

  1. Good one. It’s true that success is something which has different meaning to different people. For some people, it’s all about earning more money, for some it’s about achieving something nobody has ever achieved, for some people it’s about their family’s happiness. Different people, different views.

    • I agree. Context matters. Even the same person can make very different choices based on life stage. I think differently now that I have 3 children than when I was just married. Making it home for dinner and flexibility both matter more now. I often describe it as “we all have the same criteria (money, family, health etc.), but we all weight them really differently…and it changes…”

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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