Thoughts on Youth and Grand Gestures

I really liked this essay from Minneapolis author Eric Hanson that appeared in today’s StarTribune.  He talks about the importance and significance of thinking big when you’re young.

At 21 we possess intelligence and ignorance in equal portions. Our brains are freshly crammed with knowledge, but knowledge of what?

When we are 21 we have everything and have earned nothing. We know everything except what we should do. We have committed our small crimes and are still forgiven for our mistakes. It is all up in the air.

As we approach graduation time, I’m surrounded by people coming to the end of their “formal” education who aren’t always so sure of what comes next. I always encourage them to hang onto dreams and hopes and not just “settle” for what they can get. If you want something badly enough and work at it, you can make it work over time.

So as Hanson says in his title, “Don’t just sit there. Do something!”

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