Dan Pink & DRIVE

I like this video a student of mine (thanks Ryan!) just sent. It’s a concise and visually fun summary of Dan Pink’s recent book Drive. Among the take-aways: 

Drive by Dan Pink

– Human behavior is often “non-economic”. We’re driven by personal motivations more than economic ones in many cases. Often to the extent that pay incentives are counter-productive.

– He poses three key elements to creating “drive”. Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

– Freedom (with responsibility) can be powerful. Atlassian allows everyone a “free day” each month to do whatever they want and report out at a social event on Friday. The result is a flowering of creativity because people are working on what motivates them. Many of the company’s more meaningful innovations have come from this process. It reminds me of 3M’s 15% policy.

I encourage you to take a look if you are interested in behavior, incentives or organizational dynamics relating to autonomy and innovation.

3 thoughts on “Dan Pink & DRIVE

  1. Hey Phil-

    Drive is a great work that brings in a simple and easy to remember framework, along with the video which is easy to show people and get them on board with the concepts.

    I use it actively when outlining some of the central principles of the student organizations I participate in. It is a great way to outline “how we plan to manage this organization and the “what we value as leadership”.

    Being the director of the Consulting Enterprise, I am hoping you could share some of your own experiences in implementing these values and concepts.


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