Office Humor

I tend to a sarcastic sense of humor regarding business topics. If you can’t laugh, what do you have left? one of my favorite places to go chuckle is Their “demotivator” collection is a brilliant spoof of the successory style motivational office material (which I personally can’t stand). Each demotivator looks just like a successory style poster, with the twist that it is usually hilariously sarcastic. I hope you think they’re funny too. 

My personal favorite: “Mistakes: padIt could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”

One thought on “Office Humor

  1. This is terrific. I keep the browser window up and reward myself by reading a few every time I finish a finance problem. This one is especially relevant:

    Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

    It’s like discounting cash flows. We want to know the value of our investment now.

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