Visual Display of Information: Gapminder Demonstration

I showed this video of Hans Rosling discussing global economic conditions. He uses tools from his Gapminder website/application to illustrate his point. I think you’ll find it interesting for several reasons: 1) it provides a different perspective on global economic conditions than I typically see, 2) it gives you access to an interesting tool and data set 3) the creative use and display of information can significantly improve your career prospects.

Gapminder link:

Hans Rosling TED talk on debunking third world myths with statistics:

I will write more on the effective communication of ideas through how you display information. I thought this was an interesting introduction to it. As you view the video, think about how compelling the ideas become when animated/visualized, rather than simply described. Also think about how much thought and effort were required to achieve this visualization.

One thought on “Visual Display of Information: Gapminder Demonstration

  1. Incredibly impressive and thought provoking. Both the content discussed and the sheer possibilities of such an application were astounding.

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